Lease advisory services for both tenants and landlords are offered.

Rental costs are typically a company’s second largest expense. Our lease advisory services include a review of the tenant needs, a market analysis of the current rental environment and a thorough review of any current or proposed lease. This can ensure that you maximize your benefits while reducing costs to a minimum.

As a tenant, do you know your true cost of occupancy? Because lease documents can be complex and include legal jargon, your true cost of occupancy goes beyond just the rental rate. What are the escalation clauses? How much is the landlord willing to pay for tenant improvements (build-out allowance). Are there any rent concessions? Any options to renew?

All of these affect your true cost of occupancy. When reviewing a number of lease proposals from landlords, it is important to understand all the terms in order to derive the net expense to the company.

R.P. Hubbell and Company can provide an analysis of the tenant needs which include:
fIdentification of existing and future spaces deemed appropriate for the tenant’s current needs.

  • Comparison of properties in order to identify the most appropriate space
  • Review of present lease proposals and lease renewals for relative
  • Occupancy cost conclusions and recommendations